Our Beginnings

Our goal was to establish a home for mentally disabled children and to empower them to live and experience a meaningful life. A home where the kids could develop and reach their utmost capabilities and to be accepted into society in whatever possible way.

A home, a haven for our mentally disabled kids to call their own……a “KUIERPLEK” and “LEARNING” place where they would flourish without restrictions.

In 2008, KUIERKIDZ LEARNING CENTRE was established by a group of concerned parents. Initially there was only 3 disabled children, but as time passed KUIERKIDZ grew into a much-needed centre in the community and today we host 25 children and adults at the centre.

This centre is a registered non profit organisation (NPO083-526).We soon noticed the need arising for a larger premises for the kids and also a permanent residence for the adult learners (18 years +). This led to the establishment of the DEOVOLENTE TRUST.

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